How to start an online business in 2023

If you have already decided that your goal for 2023 is to start an online business, stop here and read on: I’ll tell you how!

But first a necessary clarification: there are no magic formulas or simple solutions. So if you were looking for a way to make absolutely no effort and start seeing your bank account rise… No, this is not the right place.

However, since I have seen quite a few online businesses spring up since I started my own online business as a web designer… I think I can offer you some useful advice.

But only if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and… be very patient!

In fact, this goes without saying: nothing happens overnight and, contrary to what many people would have you believe, every small action you take in your business has an effect much further down the line than you might think.

The watchwords, therefore, are patience and tenacity.

What is an online business?

An online business differs from a physical one because the main operations all take place, precisely, on the Internet. This does not mean that a business cannot be both online and offline: a shop, for example, that is physically located in the city could have its own e-commerce.

Obviously, the costs of online business are much lower, it was not uncommon, in fact, especially during the pandemic, to find shops closing down in order to shift their resources to online and contain their losses.

But there were also those who boosted business by adding e-commerce to the physical shop, benefiting from this as well.

The fact that costs are low, in any case, makes online business particularly profitable: if you are freelance, for example, you may not even have a real office but work from home, as I do.

There are pros and cons, like everything else, but to start your own online business working from home and setting up an ad hoc room is a more than satisfactory solution.

I am assuming that you already know what you want to do in detail, and I will proceed by telling you what I think are the 4 steps needed to start your online business in 2023.

How to start an online business in 2023

4 steps to start your online business in 2023

1 – The accountant:

There is no business if you don’t think about the bureaucratic, economic and tax side first.

What form do you want to give your business? Or will you be a freelancer?

Do you want to sell online via e-commerce or simply have a standard website? 

These and many other answers will best define the type of VAT number you need to open and in what form to register your online business: it doesn’t necessarily have to stay that way, but you certainly need to take the right steps to start it up.

No DIY, rely on someone experienced who can advise you, or you risk running into big problems in no time.

2 – Branding:

Do not neglect this important aspect.

Give your online business a precise face, choose its identity, but only after you have clarified your offer and the type of person you intend to target.

If necessary, even here, consider a budget to get help. As we said, it is not necessary to start with huge figures, each step has its own price range.

3 – Website:

Obviously, to start an online business, a website is a must.

Don’t rely exclusively on social: it is now clear that, to thrive online, you absolutely must have a proprietary channel in which to manage everything, while social networks can be the means by which you collect new users and then channel them, precisely, towards the site.

Standard website or e-commerce? This will depend very much on what you have decided to do and sell, but also on what you will have established with your accountant in point 1 and what will have come out of the branding work in point 2.

In fact, there will be no such thing as a website if you have not decided what it should look like and what content to put on it to speak directly to your target audience.

4 – Marketing (online, of course!):

Online marketing has quite different logics from offline marketing, and it is still a type of activity that you cannot avoid if you really want to start your own business!

You can choose low-cost marketing strategies, at least in the beginning.

Or, going back to point 2, depending on your budget you can hire a consultant who knows how to guide you in a world where the choices are many, and the road is always long and winding.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the desired results at first: it takes time and tenacity!

As you can see, nothing is simple at all and you will really have to work hard to start your online business: you will often find yourself having to spend a lot of time on marketing, for example, at times it will feel like you are not doing your real work.

This is why I always suggest that you carefully evaluate the delegations of all the ancillary parts and the budget available from the start: consider that the more you invest in your online business from the beginning, the shorter the time in which you will start to see the first results.

If you would like to start an online business in 2023, I can help you and provide you with a wide range of advice for all the steps you need to take: contact me and tell me what your idea is!

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